Sunday, September 14, 2008

The pressure is on........

Oh my goodness.... time is of the essence! I don't have a deadline, except our own personal one...but oh my! So my lists are like piling up everywhere. Kids clothes packed- check! Kids toys-check! Pillows & Blankets--Check! Important stuff to keep them occupied on the trip-- Check! Kitchen essentials, you don't want to have to replace-- Check! Scrapbook essentials--Check! So, what are we missing! That's right, our clothes, toiletries... important paperwork, oh and that is right my sanity!

I was sitting here making a list of things for Wal-mart, and I remembered what my week looked like and it scared me! AH! I need to get health records for the kids, tires on the car, meeting on Monday, errands to run on Tuesday, Soccer on Tuesday, a birthday party on Tuesday, I think Wednesday is clear, Open House on Thursday, Dinner with my mom on Thursday
, kids last day of school on Friday, final packing on the weekend..... My, My that is a lot. Of course there is a list with all of that, so I guess I need to get better at following them huh?

Ahh... I feel better now that I have vented a bit. :)


Tara said...

It's always hard not to loose your sanity... especially when there is a mounting list that never seems to shrink. Try to focus on one thing at a time... and give yourself some room to "loose it" - after all, how many of us can really NOT look at the bigger picture (ie..mess)?

Berry Patch said...

Yikes! Stick to the list. I love lists. I use them everyday. It's the only way I can stay sane! Grab a notebook so they are all in one spot. Keep writing them down & then you can forget what you wrote as long as you DON'T forget where your lists are! ;-) I can't imagine moving to another state. Moving is just plain old hard! I'll be praying for your sanity - that's for sure!