Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm not really huge on "Goodbyes"...why?? Well, mostly cause they always end in tears being shed. This time their was no tears shed, although close. This evening we had a Family Dinner... with my mom, stepfather, grandmother, and my aunt Maxine. The kids of course ate up the attention....My mom made a very good Lasagna, and Beef Stew. As always with any of our family functions way to much food. :) It was good times, and lots of laughs. We enjoyed each others company, and stories. We said our goodbye's to Aunt Maxine, as we probably won't see her again before we leave. Grandma, gave us a going away card, and made sure to get lots of pictures (with her new digital she is learning to use) The tears were spared, cause we are staying with my mom, before we leave, so our tears will come the day we leave. :) Can I tell you how impossible it is to get three kids to look at you when trying to take a picture???

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