Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Part 3

Our last and final part to the nice long weekend... I hope you have enjoyed our blogs along the way! :) I know we had a fun weekend. Our Holiday Monday started with a Bottle Drive for the Rec Dept & Boy Scout Troop. Early for a non school day we arose, and Andy made us breakfast again. Eggs & English Muffins.... YUM! Then we packed for our day... loading in activities to keep the kids busy, a doll for the girls, and of course the cooler with drinks and food.... Must always have the staples on hand with three kids. Off we headed to the Town Office, were we had volunteer to sit for the 3 hrs, that we were waiting for people to drop off bottles. We have hard working volunteers that love to collect those bottles. .... This is how many they brought before heading out to collect.

Pretty impressive huh? All and All we ended up with this trailer rounded, a smaller trailer rounded, and two big truck beds full! So, I think we made out pretty well. Thanks to all those that helped collect, and all those that donated bottles to us!

While we were there to collect bottles... Andy & I cleaned the Town Office, so I wouldn't have to make another trip in for that.

After we finished with the bottle drive we took the kids to the Playground for some fun.. Decided they deserved it to hung out with limited things to do for almost 4 hrs. Not bad in my book for a 4, and 3 yr old. Hunter ended up going out to collec
t bottles with the Cub master. They played hard on the playground for awhile... as daddy shot pictures of them. Might I add they eat it up when we take pic's! Here is one of them at the playground....

After the playground, we headed home for a late lunch. The kids decided to eat outside on their little picnic table. It was actually a nice day for eating outside except for the big gusts of wind we kept getting. Oh MY! The kids decided to stay out for an hour or so playing.

Then we decided to do some art. Yes, we occasionally throw in a few educational things along the day to do with them... We decided today to do Leaf rubbing.... Sage even got the concept very nicely, and was excited to see the leaf appear. Here are some that Hunter, Andy, and Rachel worked on. As you can see Sage was very proud of her work!

After our fun with Leaves, we started dinner. Well Andy was in the process of making that, Hunter said he wasn't feeling well, and wanted to lie down. Like I was going to stop him! :) As we were getting ready to sit down to eat, Andy tried to wake him up. He was not getting up, as all he could say was "I'm tired"... So, I guess the fun filled day wore him out! Amazing what a little fresh air will do huh???

Isn't he cute, all past out on his rug?? Don't mind the mess! He hadn't gotten to picking up his room yet.

The girls, Andy & I ate dinner. After dinner we decided to make a quick dessert that I had found on a recipe site. Peanut Butter Balls, no cooking required, and very easy to make. Sounded good to me, and a nice way to end our really nice weekend together.

The girls enjoyed helping daddy make the dessert.. They helped pour in ingredients. Hu
nter woke up right about the end of making it, so he got to help with the smashing of cereal, along with the girls. It was a very fast recipe, and they were good... and nutritious. Can't get much better than that right? Wrong, it was also a hit among my children, cause it had three of their favorite things in it.... Peanut Butter, Honey, and Cereal! Here is a glimpse of what they looked like. If anyone is interested in the Recipe, I will post it tomorrow..

So there you have our nice long 3 day weekend in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoyed yours, cause we sure enjoyed ours. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.... of looking for a job, and cleaning the house! LOL... Also, Rachel's first day of preschool for this year, so be watching for pictures! Both kids also start Soccer tomorrow... so lots going on. We will diffidently keep you posted however!
Hope we didn't bore you this weekend!

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