Thursday, September 18, 2008

Special Friends

Today Rachel had a special "Goodbye" meeting with her friends "BC" and her other friend "BS" (we will call them this to keep their names private). "BC" has been meeting with Rachel for almost 2 yrs now. Boy, does time fly.... So, needless to say she has gotten to know and become very close to our family. "BS" has been meeting with us for about a year. (Time sure does fly HUH?) Anyway.. Rachel and "BC" decided to make Homemade Silly Putty as a special treat. It was funny to watch them make it, they added food coloring to make it pink even. Rachel picked the color (one of her favorites). What fun they had making this! Sage of course got in on the action too. The kids really had fun with this project. It is now in my frig, waiting for the next time they want to make it.
Also in lieu of special get together, Rachel wanted to make her friends a cake. So, we made a yellow cake, with chocolate frosting. As you will see below the pretty cake she helped m
ake and frost! We had a great time, and we are going to miss "BC" & "BS" very, very much. Thanks for all of your support and help! :)

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