Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time spent at Grammie's!

The last few days we had left in Maine, we spent at my mom's. They were really great.... since the kids were driving us all nuts. With there world being crazy at the moment I can't really blame them, but it still makes for a hectic day, and way to many time outs. Ugh! The kids had a fun with their grandparents though. Hunter and Grampie, got in a few walks in the woods. Hunter loves to go for walks in the woods. He came back with shoes covered in mud. Good sign they had fun! They rode their bikes a little, and played outside. Hunter & Rachel helped dig up the rows of potatoes. They got a whole wheel barrow full.... Hard workers they can be! :) They also helped clean up the garden, and harvest the last of the corn, squash, cucumbers, and onions. Mom made them Oatmeal pancakes one morning, which they all devoured! We enjoyed some fun games of UNO! Hunter is getting pretty good at it. ;) They were so nice to put up with us!

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