Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It’s that time of year again….

when all those nasty cold germs are floating about… and you have to remind them to watch their hands 50 times a day so they don’t catch some nasty virus going around.. 

Although, despite our best efforts as parents, they still get sick sometimes don’t they? 

One great things for us, has been since we have started to Homeschool, they have been pretty healthy, knock on wood (Tap,tap). Don’t get me wrong they still get a sniffle now and again, or a nagging cough, but they are less likely to get something much worse. 

This week for instance, two of the Monkey’s are sick. They have these deep coughs, that don’t go away… especially in the middle of the night. Their heads are congested, and their noses are dripping… ((sigh)) 

So what are some of your go to remedies? For a cough, I love to use a cough syrup with honey in it, or straight honey. However, that doesn’t always do the trick, so we also really like delsyum. 

Before they get to bad, we also give them a glass a day of Emergen-C to drink. That makes an enormous difference. They don’t have the cold for nearly as long, and sometimes it only comes with a few sniffles. 

For those nights when that doesn’t work though, we use a Tylenol or ibuprofen for fever, and pain reliever like Children’s Advil. We recently got a bottle of Children’s Advil to try.. we have had to use it a couple of times since the kids got sick. It worked well, and the kids liked the flavor. It seemed to last longer than some of the no-name brands we have tried in the past. 

Children’s Advil is great for helping relieve a fever for up to 8 hours with only one dose. It comes in 4 great flavors for those kids who don’t like a medicine taste.. You can find it in Dye-Free – White Grape (which I like to get, they don’t need added chemicals), Grape, Fruit, and Blue Raspberry. Two of my monkey’s are not huge on pill form or chewable medicine, so this makes it great for them. Its designed for ages 2-11 but is liquid form. 

What are some of your remedies for when your kids get sick? 

I have some extra $1 off Any 1 Children’s Advil Product coupons… so I’m going to run a quick giveaway and mail them to the winners. These coupons are good until May. 

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*I was given a sample of Children’s Advil and coupons in exchange for my honest review as part as Smiley360. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s.

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