Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter part 2:




Today was our final Easter celebration. The kids slept until 8ish… meanwhile I was up at 6:30 putting clues in eggs, and hiding them. Then I made pancakes for breakfast. Oh, how they love pancakes!

Once we ate our pancakes, we headed outside for the fun to begin. They love to look for eggs, with clues to lead to the next one.



Since Daddy’s idea of the Paper Mache’ Egg didn’t work out quite like we hoped. He didn’t have enough time to put enough layers on it, to make it strong enough. We were going to put their Easter gifts inside it. Great idea, just ran out of time. So, anyway so the efforts weren’t wasted we just put it at the end of their hunt for them to find, and they had a huge paper mache’ egg. They thought it was cool!



After their hunt, they came in to get their baskets. They pawed through it, and oh’d and aw’d over everything! Once they had time to check everything out, they put their Lego Mini Figures together, and then we gave them Buzz Lightyear Operation (my $2 deal last week) and we all played it. Come to find out Grandma was the best Doctor in the house! Haha!



After that we all went outside to play with their new jump ropes and we all had a good laugh as they tried very hard to get the concept. Had to love Littlest Monkey she just couldn’t get that you jump after you swing the rope. Then we played some pass with their new whiffle balls. It was a wonderful morning spent outside in the beautiful weather!


I’m glad that Littlest Monkey was feeling better so she could come out and participate with us in the Egg Hunt. She isn’t all better, but she is up and running around, so I think it is safe to say she is on the mend. We spent some wonderful family time together; tomorrow its back to the grind of life!


Hope everyone had an amazing Easter!!!

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