Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monkey Man turned 9!!!





I can’t believe he is 9 already! Time has flown!

He had a pretty special couple of days. We did a small birthday party with family. He shares his birthday with his Aunt, so this was kind of a joint party. Monkey Man thinks that is pretty cool!

I let him pick a cake out for him and his aunt and he chose Chronicle's of Narnia. Not really what I think Auntie wanted, but she was a good sport. (I never ended up putting the toys on the cake anyway. Why bother when they just want them right back off to play with?? Right? )

Then on his actual birthday we spent the day at home. He played with his new toys from Aunts & Uncles… and then he played some games with his dad. Where was I you say?? I was busy trying to finish his cake he requested. He wanted me to make him a R2D2 cake…


Then we had dinner with the grandparents and my grandmother.  He got to open a few more presents and he was out the door to play!


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