Monday, April 11, 2011

Earth Day April 22nd


I’m curious as a family do you do anything special to celebrate Earth Day?

We also try to do our part to help the earth on that day…. (and other day’s)

I was excited when I came across this Facebook Page by the National Wildlife Federation, Nickelodeon, and The joined up with B Kind 2 Earth Day. They are trying to get people to make a commitment to do a special thing on Earth Day and talk about it.

If you need ideas they have that too.
Weather permitting, here are the things that my family will be doing on Earth Day to help!
  • Going down our road and removing trash and bottles.
  • Hanging out our Laundry
  • Plant Flowers
  • Clean up our yard
What will you be doing??

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Anti-Supermom said...

I'm excited to be a Leader along with you, it's such a worth-while project!!