Saturday, April 23, 2011

What we did on Earth Day….






We have always tried to be Earth conscious but as we all know, we get caught up in our lives, and just get busy… Then we find whatever is quickest works best for us at the time.

As a family, we are trying to do better. Here are a few things we try to do, use Reusable bags, use plastic bags again (if we have to get them), compost, shut off lights when we are not in the room, pick up trash when we see it, and recycle our trash.

For Earth Day this year.. I was also part of a B Kind2Earth where, Nickelodeon, and The National Wildlife Federation joined together to get people to make a pledge.


So for Earth Day we went out and picked up the trash along side the road. My kids were so sad to see what people throw out. We found such a variety of trash. When it didn’t even take us 30mins to feel a bag, and also have some stuff to carry back home. As a family we decided to make a vow, to pick up the roadside once a month.







Now if we could just get more people to do that!

I just have to leave you with a conversation that my son had with my youngest daughter. She was sick, and couldn’t come out with us, and was sad she couldn’t do her part.

Monkey Man-  “Do you help the Earth?”

Littlest Monkey- “I don’t know”

Monkey Man- “Do you throw trash away?”

Littlest Monkey- “Yup”

Monkey Man- “Do you pick up trash when you see it?”

Littlest Monkey- “Yup

Monkey Man- “Do you shut the water off when your not using it?”

Littlest Monkey- “yup”

Monkey Man- “Do you take short showers?”

Littlest Monkey- “Yup”

Monkey Man- “Good, cause I don’t cause I love the hot water”

I was just sitting there laughing. He was so cute. But I’m happy that my kids understand how to do the things that help the earth.

What are you going to do to help the Earth???


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