Monday, April 4, 2011

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FOR TODAY... Monday April 4th, 2011

Outside my window...  it is snowing at the moment. Only suppose to be 3 inches… and then rain. Yuck! Can’t wait for the 50’s in a couple days!

I am thinking…   Wow, my life really is great!

I am thankful for…..Life, and all it has to offer. If you sit back long enough and watch it, it isn’t ever as bad as you think!

From the learning rooms…..… Day 123 today!

Monkey Boy-   is coming along great!  

Middle Monkey- is starting to read a chapter book.

Littlest Monkey- is reading level one books nicely now, so proud of her! 

You can read more about our Homeschooling over here.

From the kitchen…. .We are having Chicken Pot Pie YUM!

I am creating….   We are going to start sewing soon. I think once summer gets here we will be a bit more productive. Its been a sluggish month. Need the nice weather!

I am wearing.. Jeans, t-shirt, and a sweatshirt (finally warming up)

I am going..  not be as busy this week as last week was! Phew!

I am hearing…..   The kids playing outside the window in the snow!

I am reading…  Thursday's at Eight by Debbie MaComber. Just finished 2 of her books in the Blossom Street Series this morning. Waiting on some more to arrive!

Around the house….  Laundry is about it today.

One of my favorite things…  Tickling my monsters!

A few plans for the rest of the week….  Cub Scouts, Library, Visit with a friend, Visit with my Grandma, Co-op, 4-H, and a visit with my sister in-law this weekend. You?

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

Maybe she will be a doctor??


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