Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zhu-niverse Tour



This past Saturday we had the opportunity to check out one of the Zhu-niverse Tour spots. They are going to many different places around the US. I totally suggest checking one out, if they come in your area.

Thanks to MomSelect and Zhu-Zhu my kids were able to have an amazing experience. We got the Zhu-Zhu Flo dance dvd in the mail, and they practiced for two weeks, before the event. Then on the big day, they were able to get up on stage and do the dance in front of everyone!

They Zhu-niverse Tour has lots for your little Zhu-Zhu lover to check out. There is the life sized habit, a hamster wheel (biggest hit with my kids), demo section to check out all the stuff you can get for your hamster, a Kung Zhu battle training grounds, a place to try out the newest DS game & Wii game, and last but not least… the which hamster are you like station!

All of it was pretty amazing and my kids loved every minute. Matter of fact, it was so HOT out and they didn’t even seem to care, while they were acting like hamsters!

Here are some photo’s from our day and a video of them dancing!

Hunter @ the Kung Zhu training course.. he loved this

Rachel in Hamster Wheel

Sage checking out DS game

Girls with the Zhu-Zhu Team

We had a wonderful time!

*Thanks again to MomSelect and Zhu-niverse!!!

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Kristin said...

that looks like so much fun!