Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day


Just wanted to say I hope you are all being safe and having a wonderful time on this Labor Day weekend!

We are just chilling and relaxing… with a bit of fun thrown in.

Yesterday we went to the Zhu-niverse Tour and GeckoFest  with some friends… Which you can see here..

With a stop at the beach of course…

Hunter & Matt

Rach, Sage & Julie

Then we headed to pizza hut for dinner. And the day was not complete without a stop off at the Movies! So we went to see Despicable Me! It was a very cute and funny movie!

Julie, Matt, Hunter, Rach, Sage, & Cara 3

Today we are relaxing from our very hot and fun day yesterday.. (few of us might look like Lobsters, I’m not saying who!?!)

Tomorrow we will be about the same as today, since hubby has to work. The kids and I will probably spend the day starting to pack their room. Moving day is getting closer.

So we wish you a Happy & Safe Day!

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