Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!!!



From our family to yours!!!


Hope everyone had a great Easter! I know our weekend was full of fun. Still not the same as being back with our family up north. However, we are finding our way with new friends and family.

We started our weekend out with watching movies on Friday night. Since a few of us (mainly me) were still sick, and just not feeling up to par. Then on Saturday we headed to a local church here in our town, that puts on great events for the kids throughout the year.

The kids were able to participate in an Egg Hunt, play in some bounce houses, play games, eat popcorn, and snow cones! Great fun!

Easter College

Then on Sunday they woke up to their Easter baskets! Excited where they excited! After some breakfast and cleaning up, we went to join some friends for our annual Egg Hunt.

Easter2 college

We had a great time! Ending the perfect weekend with a great meal, and some quiet relaxing time!


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Cara's Life said...

Are you kidding me with that pic...LOL OMG it looks really bad!