Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow, really??



my day is going to be crazy…

Here is a look at what I need to get done.

  • Send Emails, and Post Blogs
  • Take a shower
  • Get the kids up & off to school
  • Put dinner in the crock-pot
  • Make brownies for Girl Scouts
  • Get some paperwork done & get some mail ready to go out
  • Sage’s Eye Doctor appt
  • Call the Doctors office for some papers
  • Pick up Andy
  • Go to Staples to get some copies made
  • Get the kids from the bus stop
  • Bring Rach to dance
  • Gobble down some dinner
  • Go to girl Scouts
  • Get a run down of Hunter’s Baseball game (that I couldn’t go to)
  • Put the kids to bed

Just a few things to get done today. Do some days just seem really over whelming to you??  I love busy days, don’t get me wrong… Honestly I really thrive on being busy… it makes me happy in many ways. I know, I’m strange. LOL!

However, some days just feel like wow, will it ever end?? I guess I better get used to it. As my summer is going to be really busy too.

Hope the rest of you are having a fabulous Monday… I’m off to get mine started, now that I have my emails sent, and my posts done, and my calendar synced!

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