Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fresh new do, for the summer….



After a few months of debating.. we decided it was time to cut Rachel’s hair. She has very thick hair like mine, and lately. No matter what shampoo I was using for her, cheap, expensive or in between, it was just blah. The back was all tangley all the time, and it was all split ends.

I love her long hair, so honestly it was probably more of an issue for me to cut it than her. She was very excited for her new look.  I was apprehensive but decided to be excited for her too.

Here it is the start.. no looking back now!!




Finished look! Here is the new Rachel!


She loves it.. and so do I! Much easier for her to take care of, and cooler for her this summer.

My beautiful girl!


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Cara's Life said...

So pretty!! She looks great!