Thursday, April 8, 2010

A brave boy…..


During vacation, Hunter needed to go have another round of Allergy testing done. After having his Tonsils, and Adenoids out we wanted to make sure everything else was set, so we can finally just get over this allergy issue.

He was a bit apprehensive cause he new this meant some needles were to be involved, and he is not a needle guy. The Allergist called and had a cream sent to my pharmacist for me. Told me to apply generously and wrap him in plastic wrap! So yup, that is what we did. It was funny!


Once we got there he started to get more nervous, until he realized he couldn’t feel his arms. The cream was a numbing cream. He got his first 32 without any issues… and then it came time for his last 31. Those had to be put in with a needle… he was a bit scared, but once she showed him it didn’t hurt he was good to go. He sat there so good, watching her put them in, reading what they were for.


Come to find out he does not have any allergies to the 63 we did. I was a bit disappointed (just cause it would be nice to have answers) but happy that this was again behind us.

My little man was very brave! I was so proud of him! Good job!!

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Berry Patch said...

He looks like a pin cushion! Poor kid!!! ;-)