Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hunter turns 8….



and yes that is me whimpering in the background, that you here… I mean really how can my baby be 8??? The time has just flown by. I’m sad, but he is such an amazing little boy/young man. He is so smart!

Some of the highlights from his 7th year…

  • He lost 3 more teeth
  • reading at 3-4 grade reading level
  • becoming an encyclopedia… you want to know something ask him!!! :)
  • learning to hit the ball harder

Hard to believe he is now 8 ending the 2nd grade. I’m looking forward to seeing what the 8th year of his life will bring me. He is such a pleasure to have and be around… and I thank god everyday for blessing me with such an amazing boy!

Here are some pictures from his birthday.. It was just a small thing, with cake, and a couple presents. As he is having another party on Saturday. It is a surprise party, (shhh… he doesn’t know) with his friends. More for that to come!



Playing his new game


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Tara said...

It is so amazing to think we've been mother's for this long! Congrats and happy birthday to Hunter - hope it was a great day!