Wednesday, April 21, 2010

She colors my day:

She colors my day logo

Is a project that was started by a mom who was dying mom. As a way to leave something behind to her four daughters. Annette sent a c.d. of she and her daughters singing to her many friends and family. Unbeknown to Annette, her act of love would be the inspiration for her friend, Cristina Carlino, founder of Project Miracle, to ignite the She Colors My Day movement - a celebration of the never-ending bonds of mothers and daughters. How touching is that?? So many people think they can’t make a difference, but all they have to do is try and amazing things come of it!
TodayShe Colors My Dayis embarking on a global journey! To hear more about Cristina’s story go here.  
Would you like to help spread the word? If you are a member of Facebook, you can send a pink crayon app around to help spread the word. Or you can download the song “She Colors My Day Song” and video to help the organization. A portion of each download goes to help the organization. Its a very pretty song sung by Amy Grant. It brought tears to my eyes.
Help with  the ultimate goal of the "She Colors My Day" project is to support mothers and daughters and create a cure! Spread the word!!

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