Tuesday, April 27, 2010




Was what we were all screaming as Hunter walked into CiCi’s Pizza on Saturday!

I had managed to get a party planned (with some of his help) without him knowing were and when it was going to be. He thought he knew, but we through him off. It was rather cute!

I’m so excited to say it was a successful Surprise! He was a bit embarrassed I think when we all yelled Surprise at him. Opps!


He had 12 little friends there, and they pigged out on Pizza, cinnamon rolls, and brownies! (Can’t go wrong with an all you can eat buffet)

Then Hunter opened his presents! He got just what he wanted, more Lego’s… Totaling just a bit over 1000 pieces… Hmmm, wander how long it will take him to put them all together!!



Then we finished off the day with some cake and ice cream. He had a Lego cake this year… and might I add that was NOT easy to come by! But we found one, and it went off with a hit!



It was lots of fun, and I’m glad he loved it! Best part for mom?? I didn’t have to set up, or clean up!!! Wonderful present for me!

Still can’t believe my little man is 8!!! I hope that he has a wonderful year as being 8!

Love you buddy!!!!!

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