Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No surprise here…


Sage had a Eye Doctor Appointment yesterday and as I figured she needed glasses.

The appointment was very eventful… she didn’t want to cooperate very well with some of the things. She hated the machine that puffs air into her eyes. Then she also was freaked out about getting drops in her eyes. We didn’t want to traumatize her so we decided to skip the drops this time around.

Sage at Eye Doc

She was a pretty good trooper for the most part. After we got her to calm down… and got her to focus, she started to cooperate. After looking at a few pictures… we came to the conclusion that she has a lazy eye. (not really shocking since I have one as well, and so does one of her cousins) She really struggles to see out of her right eye.

Therefore, her wish to have glasses was granted. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, she has wanted glasses. Could have something to do with the fact that everyone in our house wears glasses. We popped the lenses out of her old sunglasses so she could wear them around the house as her own glasses. That is how obsessed she was. Crazy I say!!! Lets see how long it lasts now that we have the real thing!!!

After looking at yup a total of two pairs, she had her mind set on a pink pair! Our eye doctors does the glasses in a few hours right on the spot. Sage was beyond excited, so waiting was torture!!! She asked me every ten seconds if it was time to go back and get them. Oh my!!

Finally it was time… and she sat so well to have them fitted… I was so proud of her! Here she is with her cute little glasses! My gorgeous girl!


Sage with her new glasses


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Jenna said...

I have a little girl with glasses to, she is 7 now but has had them for several years. We actually lost the 1st pair and had to order in another! She wasn't thrilled about hers at 1st, but has since gotten used to them.
Glad yours adjusted so quickly to them! :)