Thursday, April 29, 2010

Elephants, Ponies, & Clowns… OH MY!



For Hunter’s birthday one of our friends got us free tickets to the Circus… Not only just for our family, but a total of 18 tickets! So, we gathered up some friends, and family, and the 18 of us, ventured off to the Circus!

To say my kids were excited was an understatement. Hunter & Rachel had been once before but they were both fairly young… I believe something like 18 months, and 3 yrs old. Therefore, they don’t really remember it at all. Of course I have photo’s, but that is not the same.

So it was all the more exciting to have such a big group of us going this time. We arrived in time to get settled in our seats, and get some autographs from clowns. Check out some other things going on, and make a quick potty run! Our first laugh of the day?? Was the everyone with their clown noses!


Daddy even got in on it with us!


Rachel was so very excited to see what they were going to have. The show was just amazing! It was about 3 hrs long, but kept the kids pretty well captured the whole time.

Here are a couple of our favorites:

The Trapezes of course


The two sisters, who are in that little box! Yes grown women were flexible enough, to bend to fit in that box! It was amazing to watch.


And of course the kids favorite… Rosie the Elephant!


After we left we got some pictures of the kids in the clown planes, and they check out a camel. It was a great day, and lots of fun! 


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