Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book Basket:


Book Basket

This week we have a small list. Its weird going to the library with just one child now… (have I mentioned this already) Sage really enjoys being the only one to go with me though. Its her special thing to look forward to each week. Here is our list this week:

  • Ladybug Girl by David Solman and Jacky Davis: Its about a little girl that likes to dress up… She is bored so her and her dog are on a mission to find something to do.
  • Princess Fidgety Feet by Pat Posner: This one is about a Princess that loves to play soccer but isn’t allowed, so her friend is trying to teach her moves… She then get the nickname Princess Fidgety Feet!
  • Toot & Puddle The Great Cheese Chase by Holly Hobbie: This is based on the Noggin Show Toot & Puddle, my two girls have recently found this show, and seem to really enjoy it. Its about two pigs and the adventures they have. Great for the younger school crowd!
  • My Little Girl by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas: I have to admit, I snagged this book, because I love Tim McGraw, and his song My Little Girl! Its about a Dad and Daughters Big Day together! It is very cute, and I think a prefect book for a daddy to read to his daughter’s!
  • 39 Clues, The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan: My son is currently reading this book. Its the 1st in a so far 6 book series with more to come I’m sure! He enjoys it so far. Its a mystery book… About the Cahill Family and how they find clues around the world to become the most powerful family in history.

There is our rather small list for us! Haven’t had much time for reading this week, with school, dance, scouts, Sage sick, and a cold going around our house! We should be back full swing next week. Happy Reading everyone!

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Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Princess Fidgety Feet sound so cute! I'm definitely looking for it on our next trip to the library... great suggestions!