Friday, September 4, 2009

Water fun:

Since the kids had such a great first week at school, and did so well at home. No tantrums, no fighting, no whining (for the most part) which in our house is HUGE at times. We decided to do something special for the kids. Plus it was our first full weekend with all 3 of the kids again, since Hunter got home.

We started the morning by taking the kids to the playground. Hunter had not yet seen or been able to play on it. He was very excited, and the girls were just excited cause its the PLAYGROUND!

Park collage

Then from the playground we took them to lunch at Pizza Hut. Which is really a rare treat for them.. which they thought was great. We were able to sit and have a nice conversation without worrying about where we needed to be.

From there we headed over to the new Aquatic Center they built as well this past summer. Its $3 per person to get in… which is not a bad deal…or you can get a season pass. (which I think we are going to do next summer) They have a big lap pool, and then a playground in a surrounding 9-inch water pool, a big slide (which was down the day we were there) and a place where you can get water dumped or sprayed on you. The kids loved it! Its is very nice, and there was always like 4 or 5 lifeguards out and they were very good about keeping the kids in check. Like the ones that would climb up the slides, or go down them head first, or pushing people. Cause for some reason those parents Never seem to be found!!!



Picture 073

We had a great day, and enjoyed being together very much. The kids were well behaved, and had so much fun. We were all a bit sunburned and ready to sleep when we were done. Exhausting but fun! We came home and watched a movie, and went to sleep. Prefect end to a prefect day!


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