Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It’s never to early……



to be thinking about your Christmas cards… Right??  Yes , I said it… I was thinking the other day….I should start trying to get a good photo of the kids for our Christmas card. Yes, it is still a few months away..but by the time I pick a good picture, and have them printed up, and put them in envelopes and mail them, it will be November! Crazy isn’t it???

I have always had this tradition with my mother since I was moved out and had a family of my own. We always race each other every year to see who can mail out theirs first. Last year she beat me, but I blamed it on the move. This year, I have to be prepared!  Therefore, I headed out to our local park today and made the kids pose for some pictures.  Here are some of the pictures we have to chose from….



Picture 010

Picture 011

Hunter & Rachel


What do you think?? I’m looking for advice on which ones I should have made up.  Not the best photo’s , but made due with what I had.


Tara said...

Personally I love the first one... I'm always a sucker for those innocent, sweet, hand holding, from behind pictures (I take them all the time!) They say something no other picture can!

Of course, many people may be looking for faces (my mother-in-law would be one of those) in which case you might want to do a two picture card and use the one of the three sitting together as well.

Martha in PA said...

The pics are cute! I always thought a great spot to take a Florida Christmas photo was at Disney Studios by the Christmas shop where they have the snowman. I took a picture of Tara there every year we lived in FL, but never had it made into a Christmas card.

I like the first photo the best, but maybe not for Christmas, I'm thinking that calls for seeing the faces!