Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrating Fall

We got together with some friends and celebrated Fall in our own way… Being in Florida, we are not able to go Apple Picking, or decorate a pumpkin really, as they rot quickly here. Therefore, we made our own celebration, cause we like to do fun things in the fall. We had the opportunity to go to a Corn Maze, but it was 2 hours away and I didn’t think the kids would do well with that long of a trip. They have been really at each other lately. Four hours in the car, seemed like torturing myself for no reason! (except that I wanted to see the Corn Maze) However like many money has been an issue lately too. As soon it will be Rachel’s birthday and we have some camping trips for Hunter coming up. Busy time of year fall is here in Florida!!! (ok, I’m getting of topic)

Our celebration consisted of friends, fun, food, and fire trucks… what is better than that right?? We went to hang out at a friends house, that we have recently come to know and love a lot. They were a blessing to us in many ways, but that is for another story! (sorry love to ramble sometimes) In the spirit of fun we wanted to let the kids decorate some cupcakes, and here are some of the results…

cupcake fun .
Here is what we started with…

Hunter's Creations
Hunter’s creations

Rachel's Creations
Rachel’s creations

Sage's Creations
Sage’s creations…. we included fall and Halloween themed toppings.

After a few hours of the kids running, jumping, yelling and just plain having fun, we packed up to head home, but not without a quick stop at the Fire Station first. What kid doesn’t like that??? Here are a few shots of them:

Hunter with gear on3
Hunter seeing what the gear feels like…

Rachel with fireman's hat
Rachel only wanted to try out the hat!

my 3 kids in front of firetruck
The 3 Monkey’s

We had a great day, and I think it was a wonderful way to start off our fall. Now to get ready for a birthday party, and Halloween all in the same week!!! Oh my! Stay tuned for that story……

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