Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sage’s Surgery:

As your reading this… we are already at the Hospital to be admitted for Sage’s Surgery. I really am dreading this day, just cause of the classic mom jitters…and cause I’m going alone this time, no one to keep me distracted.

She is going in to have her Tonsils (which no biggie, I lived and I had mine out) and her Adenoids. Yes, they are taking both. Sage has had an issue of very loud snoring for a long time. They thought at first it was allergies, but it wasn’t, and then it continued to her starting to stop breathing in her sleep…and coughing and gasping for air. Which was bad enough, but then this past year, she started waking up from it, and then in turn waking me up, so neither of us get much sleep.

After speaking to a specialist we decided it was best to take both out, cause they are HUGE and this way these problems will most likely be cured. I’m not big on sending my kid into surgery, but I also don’t like having to worry about her breathing while asleep.

Its a quick surgery, but then we have to stay around until she eats or drinks. They told me she may not eat for a week, due to pain, just push the fluids. I’m hoping she heals quickly and does ok. I will update after we get home.

I have a few books to keep me sane while waiting for her, and then when we have to wait to be discharged!

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Tara said...

Good luck.. hope it has the results you are hoping for.