Friday, September 11, 2009

Cold/Flu season is upon us:

with only a few more days until the first day of Fall coming up! (September 22nd) Seems like just yesterday it was the first day of summer doesn’t it?

Not that any of us like it, but along with the first day of Fall comes the start of the Cold/Flu season! Along with the start of school. Here are a few ways we try to keep the spread of germs down:

  1. Wash hands often: try to remember to teach your child that the proper amount of time to wash their hands is the length of the “Happy Birthday” song.
  2. Keep Hand Sanitizer near by: I have some in my purse, kids backpack, desk, and car. Never know when you might not be able to wash your hands.
  3. Sneeze in your elbow: I taught my kids to sneeze in their elbow.. so if they can’t get to the sink right away. Then they aren’t spreading germs, plus there sneeze won’t make it across the room!
  4. Multi Vitamin or Extra Vitamin C: I have my kids take a Multi Vitamin or Vitamin C during the winter months to help keep the body healthy to not catch every bit of germs!
  5. Keep OJ on hand: Along with the vitamin, I keep OJ handy so they can get Vitamin C that way as well. We start the morning off with a good glass of OJ!
  6. Don’t share: We teach our kids not to share cups, so the spread of germs doesn’t go so fast!

Good luck as you embark on this Fall season, and may the germs stay far away!!!

If you have any other suggestions I’m all for hearing them, leave me a comment!

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Beth said...

Summer leaves us too early! I wonder if our kids don't get sick as much because they are not in school for the summer? I'm kinda anxious about the Swine attack, but I try to keep my focus else where. If you have time come enter some of my fabulous giveaways going on! One ends tonight for Natty Bratty hair accessories..they are my fav!
Happy Monday!