Thursday, August 6, 2009

Book Basket:


Book Basket


This week we had a few more books than normal cause we went a bit over board… here are our favorites!

  • Sisters by Judith Caseley this is a good one for anyone out there that maybe adopting or having a new baby. Its about a family that gets a new girl, and how they become sisters, and how they test the waters with each other. Very cute…
  • Bear’s New Friend by Karma Wilson we thought this was a cute one, as it is by the same Author as Bear Snores on… another one we enjoy!
  • Dora’s Storytime Collection by Simon Spotlight this one included 7 stories in one big book. Which was a huge hit among my girls as they love DORA! It also had a section in the back with some of the common words Dora uses in Spanish, with how to pronounce them and what they mean. Which was a huge hit with my oldest girl, cause even at the age of 5 she is very interested in learning Spanish. :)
  • The Great Pig Escape by Eileen Christelow a very cute book about pigs… The girls thought it was funny. The cover had us very interested in what it had to offer!

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