Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School 2009


School is upon us again! The kids had their first day of school today. Hunter started 2nd Grade this year. Here he is this morning:

Picture 002

Rachel started Kindergarten, and was very anxious up until this past week, where she got a bit nervous. I think she will do great, and I can’t wait to hear about her day. Here she is from this morning:

Picture 001


Sage is suppose to be starting Pre-school soon, but we are still waiting to hear if she got in and which school she will be attending. I will keep you posted.

Going to be weird just having Sage home this year… (for either the whole day or half the day) I’m excited to have my one on one time with her though.

Very busy day ahead…. I have to pick the kids up from school and head right back out for Rachel’s Dance Class… which she is very excited for!

 Ready for her first day of Dance

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