Saturday, August 15, 2009

I’m on Vacation,


please leave a message at the beep… BEEP!!  Ok, so I couldn’t resist! But no really, as you read this we are on vacation, and you will of course get a full recap when I get back. I’m without a computer for the week, however if you follow me on Twitter, you can see my updates, as I send them from my phone! (Gotta love technology)

For now, I’ll leave you with a quick run down of what my vacation looks so far!

  • August 13th 9pm, leave for Maine
  • August 14th, hoping not to be insane yet, and making good time… May arrive by 11pm??
  • August 15th 1am, if did not arrive the night before, hoping to be in Maine now.. and drifting off to sleep!
  • August 15th 10am rummaging through some stuff at my old house, repacking, and a trip to the grocery store.
  • August 15th, 3pm ish… hoping to be up at the lake, at camp, taking in the view, relaxing by the water with Hunter…
  • August 16th Relaxing for the day in or by the water, hanging with one of my best friends and her kids
  • August 17th having a fun filled day on the lake with my friends and their kids… should be lots of pictures!
  • August 18th having another fun filled day on the lake at my family reunion, another promising day for lots of pictures.
  • August 19th not sure yet… hanging with friends I’m sure…
  • August 20th having our Christmas in August before we head back! My kids are excited about this idea!
  • August 21st, sadly packing up my stuff, saying goodbye and getting ready to head back to Florida.
  • August 22nd still on the road, hoping the kids are not at fighting yet, and things are going smoothly!
  • August 23rd hopefully been home, getting the kids rested and ready for their first day of school tomorrow!

So there you have in a nutshell what we shall be doing… Of course… there will be lots of stuff thrown in there I’m sure. I’ll give you the whole low down when I get back…. with lots of pictures to follow. In the meantime, enjoy my posts I have scheduled for you…. and you can catch my updates on Twitter!!!

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