Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Inspired by my Vacation that I leave for today, I am going to tell you Thirteen of my favorite summer activities!

1. Swimming: is by far one of my favorite things to do in the summer, and of all time. I hope to someday own my own pool

2. Going to a Major League Baseball Game: don’t get to go often… but the few times I’ve been have been great. A friend of mine and I once said it would be a yearly trip to see the Red Sox’s, but seems I’m 1600 miles away… we have had to postpone that!

3. Going for picnic's at the local park: I love just picking from some odd’s and ends in the fridge and heading to the local park for a picnic… The kids love it too!

4. Drive-in’s: We used to just gather up the kids and go to the Drive in, and bring supper and just have a big old party in the car. Always meant a big mess to clean the next day, but it was tons of fun! We just recently was able to find a new one down here, so we are hoping to check it out soon!

5. Going on a Hike: not so much anymore down here… however we have found some good trails…but in Maine we loved to go for hikes, and just take in Nature.

6. Family Reunions: Some might call me crazy for this… We tried to make it a point every year to make it to our Family Reunions. We not only enjoyed the food and festivities, but was great to see those family members you may only see once a year…. Plus I loved to take pictures!

7. Go to a water park: What is more fun than going to a Water park on a nice hot summer day? Lots of pools, slides, and water playgrounds! The kids have fun, and you stay cool!

8. Beaches: The next best option. We tried to find a couple new beaches a few times during the year… so we could say we had been to a new one. We like to explore!

9. Dance in the Rain: Ok, there really is nothing better than letting your hair down and going out and dancing around in the rain! Fun for all ages!

10. Curl up in the sun and read a book: great thing to do on a lazy summer afternoon, but for those of you that are fair skinned like me, make sure you apply Sunscreen!!!

11. Going out for Ice Cream: What is better on a hot afternoon than, going out and getting some ice cream, and watching it melt down your kids faces???

12. Canoe trips: One of my favorite things to do on an afternoon is hop in a canoe on the lake, and just go slowly strolling along the lake, and take in the sights. Its relaxing and fun!

13. Just getting in the car, and going for a ride: Cause you never know what you might see, find, or experience… Always a fun time!

There you have a few of my favorite things to do in the summer… what are some of your favorites???

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