Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tips for the Traveler with Kids:

So as we get ready to embark on our second crazy long trip… 3200 Miles round trip! Oh my, what was I thinking again?? Oh right, I have to go pick up my son, and I really want to see Family and Friends. Ok, it might make this trip worth the hassle then! LOL!

Before you start to panic, no I am not embarking on this trip alone with 2 kids…. I do have another adult accompanying me. I was going to make the trip alone, but I didn’t think that it would be wise…with two girls that can be very cranky. Plus having to make gas stops and rest area stops, I did not want to have to take them out of the car every time.

With that being said…. here are a few things we keep or make sure are in our car for long trips, to make them a bit more bearable.

  • Dvd player with a few different movies (we limit our children to pick a handful)
  • Travel games (like we have guess who, and tic tac toe)

  • For the child that is old enough to read (assuming they don’t get car sick) we also bring a few books along. Like for our trip back, Hunter will have a couple Magic Tree House books.
  • Books on Cd cause our Dvd player can play them, and are good for night traveling when they are trying to get to sleep. (we have a few Magic Tree House Books, and Disney stories on Cd for this)
  • Coloring Books, Color pencils, crayons, pencils, and composition notebooks (which we always stock up on at back to school time so we have extras for this)

    Backpack of Activities
  • A map with our route highlighted, for some of the older kids, my son likes to follow where we are, and were we are going!

Those are a few ideas we find helpful… Please feel free to add any ideas you find that work. Happy Traveling!!!

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Berry Patch said...

Small metal cookie trays & some magnets. You can even make your own. These are good for little cars & such too. With the lip, they don't fall off as easily.

A disposable camera? Let them play "I Spy" with it or take some shots of their 3 favorite things each day or something like that.

Have fun!