Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last day of Vacation:


We were really sad to have to say goodbye today…. We packed up our stuff from camp, and stopped off to see my dad to say goodbye. Then we headed down to my Mom’s. Were we had “Christmas in August” so she didn’t have to send their stuff down this year, and so she could watch them open presents. Here is a mini recap.

All Hunter's presents from Mom

Rach with all her presents from Mom

Sage opening presents

Then we loaded everything into the car, which took a few tries, and in the end we had to have my mom mail some stuff down to us. (Sad I know) Our first stop was to give “H” back her duck floatie she left behind the day before. So one last goodbye with them. After that we stopped off to see Di and the kids one last time before leaving. Letting the kids jump on the trampoline for a few minutes to get some energy out! Another sad goodbye, but I hope to see them again soon!

Then we stopped off to pick up my Mother in-law, where I took a few family photo’s. They came out great… and its so hard to get all 8 kids to sit still might I add!!!

All kids

Austin & Kaite

After getting her stuff in the car, we headed for the interstate with a quick stop at the shoe store… (needed to find Rach tap, and ballet shoes) and again at Wal-mart again for our 6 month supply of Red Hot Dogs! LOL! A quick bite to eat at Subway, and then off we went. I drove straight through again… stopping a few times for bathroom breaks, and to stretch our legs. Between the two of us, we made it home in 25 and a half hours this time! It was nice to see home… and boy did the hot shower and my bed feel great!!!

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