Monday, August 3, 2009

Simple Woman’s Daybook:




For Today August 3rd, 2009

Outside my window.... Humid, hot…. and a good day to get stuff done in the house.

I am thinking.... Only 10 more days till I see my little man!!!

From my imagination....lots of scrap pages. I’ve finished 40 pgs so far, only another 5-10 more to go!

I am thankful for.... my close friends… they get me thru a lot even when they don’t know it!

From the kitchen.... Not sure, yet should probably look into that soon.

I am wearing..... Shorts, a t-shirt, and bare feet!

I am reading....  finished most of my books, and the others I need to renew, cause I have been to busy to read!

I am hoping..... for a fun filled vacation!

I am creating... nothing right now, to busy with everything else!

I am hearing.... a Barbie movie in the background… the girls are watching one, and relaxing..Sage is still trying to kick this ick!

One of my favorite things....quiet afternoons

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Doctor’s appt, Library, and relaxing while Rachel and Sage gets better, and some packing for our trip!

A picture I am Sharing.… Rachel doing the robot! Or so it looks!!! LOL!

Rachel looking like a robot

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