Friday, August 21, 2009

Off we went…..

to the dentist last week. After a year of being down here, we were finally able to find a place that would take the kids. So the girls got there turn today. Hunter will go the first week he is home, what a home coming huh? Actually he loves the dentist and can’t wait to go!

This was Rachel’s second time to the dentist, but since the first visit was almost a year and a half ago, I wasn’t sure how she would do this time around. Since she is scared of EVERYTHING! For that reason I made sure Andy was able to go with me, so one of us could go in with Rachel and one with Sage. However, I did go in with both girls. Rachel went second…… she was very scared still. But after Sage convincing, her it wasn’t scary, and the girl being very patient with her, we got her in the chair. Phew! What a job… after that she did very good. I was very proud of her… Here are a couple photo’s of the experience for Rachel:

She braved thru it well

Rachel and Mr. Thristy 
I know she looks scared here…but she wasn’t, she just didn’t like the taste of the fluoride.

For Sage this was her first time going to the dentist. Since she is easily influenced by her sisters actions and thoughts, I was afraid she would be to scared to let them do anything. We have been trying to psych them up about the trip for a week now… She is very good at brushing her teeth, so I crossed my fingers for good luck!  She actually ended up going in first which worked out nicely for me. She was a little timid…but held my hand and did very good. She let them brush her teeth, apply fluoride and count her teeth. I was so happy to have made it through the whole process without crying!  Both of the girls came out cavity free!  Here is a few pictures of Sage’s first experience:

She loved Mr.Thirsty 

Sage's first time at Dentist 

Pretty teeth after they were cleaned 
She was showing me her brave face, and how pretty her teeth were after they cleaned them!

Now I just have to make it through one more kid when Hunter gets home. Which will be a breeze cause he loves the dentist… So lets just cross our fingers he doesn’t have cavities!

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