Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adult Trip to Disney:

After a stressful few weeks, of kids being sick, and packing for our trip to Maine…. I really, really needed a girls day, night out! My wonderful friend Jessica, offered to spend the day with me, and bring along a few of her friends. Off we went!

Yup, we went to the Magic Kingdom and enjoyed the day with no kids whining, or begging to wait in long lines, just did what we wanted and acted silly. Does it get much better than that? Here are a few photo’s from our day!

Picture 007

Picture 020

Picture 031

Picture 036

After we left Disney and Jessica got drenched trying to put gas in the car. (came in and poured right at that moment) We went back to her house for a bit, chilled, talked, and she changed out of her drenched clothes. (yes, I’m guilty for laughing at her but only if you could have seen her lose her shoe in the pouring down rain) From there, we headed out to the Ale House, a local sports bar/restaurant to meet another friend of hers for dinner. We order a couple appetizers and shared them, and still couldn’t finish it all. What amazing food they have! YUM! We sat and talked an adult conversation, and had some laughs for a couple hours, and then we headed out. It was sad to say goodbye to all the fun, but we promised to try and get together once a month for more fun! It was a blast, and much needed! Thanks again Jess!!!

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