Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Basket:


Book Basket


Even though this was the week of the 4th didn’t mean we slowed down on the reading at all!!  Here is our weeks list of books:

  • Sylvia Jean Drama Queen by Lisa Campbell Ernst: This book was cute… and showed how being creative can make you someone else at times. The girls thought it was cute.
  • Here we go round the Mulberry Bush by Iza Trapani: I cute story using the lines from the song. My girls thought it was cute, and enjoyed singing the song…
  • When the cows come home by David Harrison: Cute book about what cows do when out to pasture and the farmer isn’t looking. My girls thought it was funny… Great for younger kids Ages 2-4ish
  • The Curious Garden by Peter Brown: An excellent book about what can happen when one takes care of a few flowers in the city. My girls thought this books was really cool, and loved that it showed a happy city in the end. Very cute!
  • Down by the cool of the pool by Tony Mitton: An interesting book… My girls seem to really love this book. Not sure if its cause it is repetitive and they can help me read it or, just cause. Its about a animal sounds, and how they dance. Not a bad book, just not one I would think would be that popular…

So there you have our books from this week… We return on Tuesday to watch a magic show put together by the library program… Then Wednesday we will pick out all new books. I must say… we are slowly running out of books!!! 

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