Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th of July:


This years 4th of July was a bit different for us…as have many holidays since we moved to Fl. This one was a bit more so, though cause we were lacking a kid. It was unusual to not have Hunter here with us. Andy had to work, so our 4th was not our typical celebration. Not that we have a typical yet… still working on that. Funny how traditions just kinda stick one day. We are still finding ours. However, last years was going to be a tuff act to follow. It was lots of fun, as you can see HERE!

Our nearby town has been building this huge new park, and we have been anxious to check it out. The grand opening was no other than, you guessed it TODAY! Therefore, giving us a huge celebration to attend this year… with games, music, and lots more. Rachel has been awaiting the new Playground, and she sure did check it out, as you can see!

Rachel twirling collage


We went down in the morning to check out the new park with Daddy, before he had to go to work, and let the girls play on the new playground they have been waiting to see! Checked out the vendors, games, and crafts galore!

Sage collage

Then came home for a break, and to take Andy to work. Had a quick supper, and headed back out to the park for some music and dancing. The big show of the night was the Commodores playing! Do any of you remember them?? I barely did, but knew I had heard of them. It was lots of fun to watch the girls dancing and playing! Then the big finale of the night…. FIREWORKS!  What 4th would be complete without them? This is the only picture, I got cause the girls were scared from the noise… but it was a fabulous show of them!

Waiting for the fireworks to start

Some fireworks!

So all and all we had lots of sun, music, games, and fun! We really missed Hunter though, and can’t wait til next year to start our new 4th of July traditions. What is something your family always does??

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!

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