Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




This week I’m going to do 13 of my all time favorite movies:

1. My Best Friends Wedding with Julia Roberts, great movie about best friends and knowing when to let go!

2. Coyote Ugly with Piper Perabo, always loved this movie.. The soundtrack is good! About a girl making her way after high school.

3. Save the Last Dance with Julia Stiles, another one great movie. Bit sad.. I tend to cry every time I watch it. About a girl who isn’t sure if she should give up on her dream after her mom dies.

4. Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts. About a woman who gets stuck in a life style, but meets a rich guy she falls in love with and shows her she is so much better!

5. All Fast and Furious Movies with Vin Disel and Paul Walker. Action packed and well the actors aren’t bad to look at! These are about racing cars, and an FBI agent.

6. Bad Boys Movies with Will Smith… again a great actor, but the movies are full of Action and I love them. About two best friends that are cops, and trying to keep their witnesses safe.

7. Twister with Helen Hunt. Not only can I repeat many of the lines, but it is a good movie about a couple that tries to learn the most about tornado’s so they can give people warning.

8. Harry Potter Movies are great movies about a boy who looks regular but is a great wizard. Awesome books, and just as good movies.

9. The Love Bug is a classic Disney movie that I love. I think Herbie is the best every beetle. I don’t know what it is about them, but I think they are great movies!

10. Mulan another one of my favorite Disney movies. I think it is a great courage story about a girl who is trying to protect her father, and does something that could get her killed.

11. Never Been kissed with Drew Barrymore. Another classic romance story..but its funny.

12. Speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. About a bus that has a bomb and the police officer has to figure out a way to save them, and then of course their is budding romance.

13. The Lake House another one with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. About two people who meet but live in different years. Shows how they meet…very nice romance.

I’m sure there are many more movies that I love, but these are some of my top favorites. What are some of yours?

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