Thursday, July 2, 2009

Book Basket:


Book Basket


This week we went to the library a few times… Our library has a summer program going on plus our regular story time. Be sure to check your local library out. My girls also get entered into a drawing every week to win a book with a stuffed animal. What better way to encourage kids to read right???
Here is this weeks books we tackled!

  • Cat Jumped in By Tess Weaver:  My girls thought this book was cute telling about the trouble the cat got into. I would recommend it for Ages 2-5
  • A wild father’s day By Sean Callahan: A bit late for Father’s day, but we decided to read it anyway, and we sure were not disappointed. Its a cute story about fathers day. I would recommend it to any young kids to read with their dad!
  • Stolen Smile By Thierry Robberecht: Another cute book, about a girl who loses her smile, and why.. and then how she gets it back. Good story to teach how not to let others get you down. Good for ages 4-6
  • Dora’s Perfect Pumpkin By Kirsten Larsen: This is a step to reading book level one. My girls love Dora, so this was good for them to help me read the story as it has pictures for a few words in the paragraph so they can read along with you. Great for beginner readers like my girls!
  • Twinkle the Tooth Fairy By Nick Ellsworth: A cute book about a tooth fairy that works hard collecting teeth, and really wants to make it to a Ball. So her friend helps her figure out a faster way of collecting the teeth. My girls thought it was a good book. I would say good for ages 3-5
  • Eloise In Paris By Kay Thompson’s: Another great book of course. The girls just can’t get enough of Eloise, who is only 6! This one is a bit longer of a read than most her books, but provides a lot of laughs. We really enjoyed it.

Happy Housewife is still moving this week, so i won’t be linked to her again this week. However, she will be back next week. We just wanted to keep ours going, since we love to read so much! We welcome any suggestions…. as we are starting to run out of books from our library!  Happy Reading!

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