Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Well this is the last week of my Alphabet Thursday thirteen’s. And it will be with the letter “Z”

1. Zoo: I love zoo’s I think they are cool. I love to see animals, and see what they have. Do you know how many zoo’s their are in this country? Its crazy! I hope to visit the Tampa Zoo after Hunter returns from Maine. What is your favorite animal at the zoo?

2. Zebra: I find zebra’s fascinating… because they seem so much like a horse to me, except the color. Their strips are neat though, no one is the same!

3. Zipper: I can’t not tell you how many times I’ve hurt myself with zippers…. Sad I know, but I used to get my finger in them, or my lip, when I had my jackets on as a kid. Crazy aren’t I??

4. Zucchini: I love zucchini…slice it up and boil it, then add butter. Yum! My son actually really likes it too. Another one of my favorite ways to enjoy it is a good zucchini bread with chocolate chips in it! Super Yum! I missed having that this year, need to plant some zucchini I guess!

5. Zig-Zag: Who do you think originally came up with that? It is an interesting pattern… I love zig-zags!!! 

6. Zoe: I always loved this name.. If I had another girl, I was going to name her that. What is your favorite name?

7. Zinnia's: What a nice flower this is… we have some in our backyard that the girls planted. We love flowers, can never really have enough can you? What is your favorite flower?

8. Zip code: Who do you think came up with the list of zip codes? How long must it have taken them? I can’t even imagine how many their are! How many zip codes do you know? I think I can remember like 6 from places I’ve lived or have family that live there. 

9. Zap: Don’t you hate it when you are walking across the floor and then you touch something and get zapped??? It happens to me a lot. Maybe I’m electrifying! LOL!

10. Zendik: Meaning Heroic or Magician. Did you know that??

11.  Zazzy: Most people would like to think of themselves at Zazzy! The question is are they really??  Incase you are not aware, Zazzy means flashy, or stylish!  I know, I can be Zazzy since my favorite sweat suit is lime green! LOL!

12. Zampogna: this is an Italian Bagpipe. Isn’t it fun to learn new words??

13. Zizel: Any guesses on this one?? It means Chipmunks. I thought that was kinda a cute name for them. What do you think???

Well there you have “Z”  can you believe I finished the whole alphabet?
I’m still waiting for ideas from you out there, on what you would like me to do next. If I don’t get any by next Thursday I will be forced to come up with my own, and that might be scary!

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