Friday, July 3, 2009

Rainy day fun:


Today has been for the most part rainy off and on… So we really haven’t dared to go outside for to long. So I dug out a standby for days just like this. It was a craft I picked up at Target for $1! I always search their dollar spot for some cool crafty items for days just like this one… This one kinda served as a double duty. We did a bit of learning first.

Picture 020

We made a necklace and bracelet out of foam shapes. However, first we sorted them into shapes, and then we learned about patterns, before finally making the craft. The girls had fun with this and we got a bit of learning in on the side.

Her necklace she made
here is Rach with her necklace, she made using a pattern

Picture 022
Here is sage’s bracelet… she decided to just go with different shapes and colors!

Can’t get any better than that right? What is your favorite Rainy day activity?