Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




After such an emotional week…. I decided to do this weeks on 13 reasons I’m thankful, cause we all have to remind ourselves once and awhile right?

1. I live in a country that allows me to think, feel, and speak freely…

2. I have a supportive family that loves me, even when I don’t think I deserve it. (after all we are our worst critic’s right?)

3. I have 2 beautiful healthy daughters whom brighten my day everyday… even when I feel like they are going to drive me crazy, they go and do something silly to make me laugh!

4. I have a bright, handsome, healthy boy, who is beyond his years sometimes. He may drive his sisters up a wall, and send me to the loony bin, but he makes me smile everyday too!

5. I have a supportive husband who loves me despite my nagging, complaining, and serve mood swings at times! (yes I admitted it)

6. I have close friends that are always their for me at the drop of a hat, when i need to talk, cry, yell, or just say nothing at all. But they always understand me, and support me just the same.

7. I’m healthy (or at least think I am) and can get up every morning without major issues. However, I could stand to lose a few pounds.

8. While I may not be rich in money…. I am able to support my kids and allow them to try new things…

9. I’m a happy go lucky spirit, and despite what gets thrown my way… I can stand up and keep on going. I don’t let the little things knock me down, and I don’t let the big things overcome me.  Life is only what you make of it!

10. I’ve been blessed to meet a lot of new people in my journey of life. That have either life a big footprint on my heart, or taught me something that can never be forgotten. I love to meet people…. and your never to young or old to start!

11. My blog… I started it to keep friends and family up to date on our current lives, but have turned it into something more fun. I love to share my life with those around me. I have met some great people on their, that will forever be a part of me, and a friend, even if we never meet in person.

12. I have a love for photography… and it has shown me a different side of life, and myself. I love to experience the world from behind the lense as well.  It has shown me I have talents buried somewhere deep inside me..

13. Life…. this may seem so obvious but is it really. I have recently lost 3 people in 2 weeks that were a part of my family. They were there one moment and gone the next…. we take that for granted sometimes don’t we? I recently had a chance to say goodbye to one of them, but didn’t cease that opportunity and now I can never get it back. Another one I told that I love them every time we spoke. I am now thankful for that, cause I can no longer do that, but they know I loved them! A gesture no matter how small, can be huge in someone else’s eyes. Don’t pass up the things in front of you, thinking their is always tomorrow…cause their may not be a tomorrow.  Cease the day and live it like it was your last… no regrets, no promises for the future… just today! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope that you all have a good list of things that you are thankful for!
Stay tuned next week…. still accepting suggestions of things you would like to see me do a Thursday Thirteen on!!!

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