Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little League opening day!

Saturday was Opening Day for our Little League…. they had a big event schedule for this. We arrived at 8am, oh so early for a Saturday morning! To have our team pictures done. I’m very excited, i think they are going to come out great. From there we hung around, and waited for Opening Ceremonies to begin. They lined up all the teams, I believe we have somewhere around 30 teams this year playing from T-ball to Majors. They then introduced all coaches, team moms, and players. Plus the board members and the Mayor. Our Mayor threw the opening ball, and it was official.

We had about an hour and half down time where we had brought a picnic lunch to eat. The kids love any kind of picnic, all they have to do is here the word! After our lunch we went to watch Hunter play their one inning game. To give the kids a taste of what was to come. He was so excited to be all in his uniform, and out there on the field. He however, quickly got bummed, cause this year we have to use regulation baseball bats. They are a bit longer and heavier than the T-ball bat. Therefore, he was not able to hit the ball his turn up. He tipped it, but did not make it out on the field. Being emotional this was hard for him to take, but we just told him we would work on it at home with his new bat. So, cross your fingers we can hit one at our next game. I think he is doing awesome for having to use a new bat, and being pitched to by machine with balls going 42 MPH. He isn’t scared of it though! Our first game is Friday!

Here is his team for this year:

Amos's Team

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Berry Patch said...

Just a bit different than last year here, huh? :-) It looks like he'll have a good time. No baseball here yet. I have yet to decide if I'll let ALL the boy play again. LOL