Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The shuttle discovery:


I thought I would just pop up a couple pictures of the Shuttle Discovery taking off. It went up Sunday Night March 15, 2009 at 7:43 pm.This was from our home, I hope that one day we are able to maybe go to NASA and see one take off up close and personal. My son was excited to watch and learn all about it. He was going back and forth from outside to the living room, to hear what they were saying on the news about it. I’m thrilled to have a son that is so excited to learn. We have so much fun with it most of the time!

Isn't that pretty! 

There it goes!

If you look to the side, you can see the rocket falling and the rest is the shuttle trail!

In this one if you look really close, to the left of the trail, there is a small white dot, that is the first rocket dropping off and coming down.

It was an amazing experience to have with my children. They were very fascinated by it, and can’t wait until we can see more. Its breath taking, and beautiful to watch! We are awaiting the return in 13 days, and hoping they land back here, instead of Texas.


Martha said...

I've got the perfect viewing spot for you. Had we not left home so early Sunday morning and needed to get home to the dogs, we would have watched from there on Sunday. I will send you the directions via email some time. You have to get there a couple hours (at least) early.... anywhere really because of the crowds, at this particular spot people were already there at 3pm. Nice little park right on the water, McDs right, BK, etc close enough to walk to.
I'm not sure if there is another before June when we plan on being out of FL, but if there is we will be there!

Berry Patch said...

VERY cool!

The Eagen's said...

What an awesome experience. I'd love to go to NASA one day too to see it launch up close.