Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring time Hockey


Tampa Bay Lighting Vs Altanta Thrashers

….in the air! Saturday night we headed to Tampa, for the Hockey game. Cub Scouts spring hockey game. Due to scheduling issues, Andy could not go with us. Hunter was a bit bummed, but Nana came to the rescue and was able to attend the game with us.

To start off our pregame excitement, Hunter got the coolest lighting bolts painted on his face! He was all spirited up! :)

His gold lighting bolt

His sliver Lighting bolt

Isn’t he just adorable! He was very excited to attend another game. He was ready to hoot and holler! We had a great time, and the game was gripping. They actually scored 3 goals this time. We tied, and had to go into overtime, were in the end they got the last point. It was fun though! Lets go Bolts!

Hunter and Nana


Martha said...

Ice hockey is one of my favorite sports, but I don't follow it lately. I am a Philadelphia Flyers fan, they were awesome when I was in high school... never forget those days.

The Eagen's said...

What an awesome game to have gone to. I love close games like that! Love Hunter's face painting -- very cool!