Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




This week is the letter “L”

1.  Lasagna: I love lasagna…it is by far one of my all time favorite pasta dishes. YUM! Now I need to make one!

2. Ladder: Never been a superstitious person…but I’m not a huge fan of heights, so I try to stay off them. Are you superstitious?

3. Ladybug: I think they are cute little bugs, but I hate when they start to invade your house!

4. Lego’s: My children love Lego’s. I used to play with them a bit when I was a child…I enjoyed building houses. My son is so creative with them, and my daughters like to make houses and cars. We have pink girly ones for them. Hunter has numerous sets from Christmas, and he is always creating something cool. I enjoy taking pictures of his creations, so we can look back at them. What was one of your favorite toys as a child?

5. Lazy: I like to be lazy once in awhile, but I can’t not stand people who are so lazy they are incapable of doing everyday chores. I try to teach my children that there is a time for laziness, and a time to work.

6. Lakes: I like lakes… I miss Embden lake, it has so many fond memories for me. My Grandmother has a house on it..and to me their was nothing better than getting up in the morning and looking out a the lake, with the loons on it, or the quietness of it.

7. Llama's: Isn’t that an interesting name? I often wander how people came up with names for these animals. Did they just look like a llama? They are neat creatures, but beware they like to spit like camels!

8. Lamb: I really would like to try to eat some  lamb. I have heard it is very good, but every time I think about it… all I can see is Mary and her little lamb white as snow! Anyone else have this problem??? Have you tried lamb?

9. Lampshade: I have always wanted to try to make my own prints on a lampshade. Like they do on those DIY shows on HGTV… I think they come out so nice, and what a nice personal touch to make in your home.

10. Landfills: I am deeply disappointed in Landfills. I think it is ridiculous how much trash we as a society make. It amazes me more how many people, and towns do not recycle. It has been a big adjustment for us here in Florida. They do not recycle plastic’s, cans, or paper in our town. I think it is sad that it is not something we as a whole do in our world. We still try to recycle in our own way, but reusing things that we can, to reduce the amount of trash we have. Does your town recycle, or do you try to reuse your waste?

11. Landmarks: Do you really know how many landmarks their are in the United States alone, with some specific meaning? I was shocked to see how much there is in our state to explore, that we never knew about. I love sharing in the learning of things with my kids. We love to explore the things that happen near us, or in our area. What about you?

12. Learning: You know I was never big in school about learning. I always struggled and got frustrated with school. I excelled at one or two subjects, but nothing to really excited me to do better. Since having children of my own, I have found a new love for learning. My children attend regular school, even though Homeschooling is always on the back burner as a possibility. But that does not mean that we do not as parents teach our kids things at home. I do just as much teaching at home as my kids learn in school. I have found a new excitement to learn again. Watching the amazement in my kids faces when they learn something for the first time, or learn about something they are fascinated with, it is amazing. I love it, and it makes me want to learn. Each week Hunter and I pick out something new to learn about… and thru the week, we read about it on the internet, in books, or find hands on learning. It is truly the greatest feeling in the world to teach my child, and learn new things with them!

13. Lima Beans: Is about the only vegetable I will not touch! I find them to be disgusting! What vegetable to do you dislike the most??

Well there you have this weeks letter…. Stay tuned for next week the letter “M”



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Berry Patch said...

I love reading your Thursday Thirteen posts, Monica. How long does it take you to get these together?!?! ;-) Baseball starts up soon. I just signed up N. He's looking forward to it. Shawn is coaching again. I'll miss having you there!