Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun on daddy’s day off………


yup, that is what we had on Sunday! I don’t have any way cool pictures to show you…but I wanted to share our nice family day. We started the day out with Banana Chocolate Chip pancakes! Then we had a fun game of Mario party 4 on the Wii. Nothing like a good challenge in the morning! Then daddy and Hunter played with Lego’s for a bit, while the girls played outside. After a relaxing afternoon, we cooked some dinner. BBQ chicken, mashed potato’s, summer squash and corn. After dinner the we all curled up and watched Bolt! Very cute movie by the way, if you have a chance to see it. Then off to bed the kids went…. and I cuddled up in bed to watch a nice movie of my own. :) It was nice to spend a nice quiet fun family day. Since daddy doesn’t get a day off very often on the weekend with us. Back to the real world tomorrow…….

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