Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen




This weeks letter is “I”

1. Ice Cream: I love ice cream, I could eat it all the time My favorites are Black Raspberry, Phish food, and Caramel.

2. Ick: Strangely I use this word a lot. Maybe it is I talk to little people all day!

3. Ink: I use a lot of different colored ink pens when I write letters. I like being colorful…

4. I-pod: Not sure why I’m following the craze on this one, but I would like to get one. :)

5. Information: I love to gather information. Wealth of knowledge is great. Hunter and I love to learn.

6. Ice Hockey: We are going to our second game. We enjoy it!

7. Idaho: Never been there, but would one day like to visit the land of spuds!

8. Ideal: What is really ideal? Do you often wonder if the picture of Ideal gets the best of us sometimes?

9. Identity: I like mine thus far…

10. Ignorance: Seems to be over running our country these days? What happened to all the well educated people?

11. Illegal: I try not to do anything that is illegal. Stayed out of trouble thus far! :) LOL!

12. Imagination: It is a wonderful thing, and sometimes I don’t think kids know how to use it anymore. I love watching my kids imagination grow!

13. Independent: I think of myself as being very independent. I try to let others help me, but its difficult to trust in them. My middle daughter is very independent as well. I’m trying to help her with this now. :)

There you have this weeks letter “I”

Stayed tuned next week for the letter “J” !

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Martha said...

IPOD - always thought I didn't really need one, Tara has one, but now that my IPHONE is an IPOD too, I find myself listening to music when I walk the dogs, and it is nice to get lost in the beat